A personal injury can leave you with headaches, poor range of motion, lower back pain, and soft tissue injuries. If you have been in an auto accident, or you have suffered from an injury at work, it's important to get the care you deserve. At the office of Dr. Lawrence Altman in Fort Lee, NJ, you can work with a chiropractor to address your injuries and get the healing process started. When you work with a chiropractor to manage your personal injury, you will get on the path of recovery faster and without the side-effects of invasive treatments.

Assessing Your Personal Injury

A personal injury in Fort Lee, NJ can lead to pain, stiffness, and poor range of motion in the affected joints. When you see a chiropractor in Fort Lee, NJ for a personal injury, you will go through an assessment to determine the cause of your symptoms. It is possible to see other treatment providers for the same conditions, as chiropractic care does not interfere with other treatment modalities. Your assessment may include looking over your recent medical history, imaging to determine whether something is broken, and discussion about the symptoms you are experiencing.

Treatment for Your Personal Injury With a Chiropractor

Treatment with a chiropractor for a personal injury can begin right after your treatment plan is written. Most people begin treatment immediately after the assessment, as it is best to get started in treatment right away. You may be treated with spinal manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound, decompression techniques, and electrical muscle stimulation to get your spine in alignment and heal your soft tissue. Treatment will be cumulative, and it's important to see a chiropractor on a consistent basis when you are recovering from a personal injury.,

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A personal injury doesn't have to leave you in pain, struggling to heal. Contact the office of Dr. Lawrence Altman in Fort Lee, NJ by calling 201-886-8600, and set up an initial consultation to assess your injuries. Your treatment plan will be created, and the root cause of your pain treated so that you can overcome your injuries.

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